Pak Lah mahu Kacau Daun

Arrgghhh, buat tensen sahaja bila aku baca berita Pak Lah: Nod for Umno to draw up lists, mari kita lihat petikan berita tersebut:

Commenting on talk that Parliament would be dissolved on Feb 13, Abdullah said this was a possibility.

“Yes, I like the number 13. It’s because nobody wants it. Those who are superstitious may say habislah if they got number 13. 

“If people do not want it, let me take it then,” he quipped. 

When asked if there was any connection between the number 13 and the general election, Abdullah responded: “It is up to you if you want to connect it or not.”

Jika benar Parlimen akan dibubarkan pada 13hb Februari bermakna Pilihan Raya akan berlangsung 1hb Mac bersamaan dengan tarikh pernikahan aku. Asyik dengan berita tidak menarik saja akhir-akhir ini, bosannnnn….


16 Responses

  1. Mohd Ismail on 11 Feb 2008

    heh.. x kot.. harap2nya sempat ko kahwen dulu sbelum pilihanraya.. *takpun, ko akan masuk paper as pengantin pilihanraya.. best tu!* ha ha

  2. nor on 12 Feb 2008

    ‘Mengenai tarikh sesuai untuk mengadakan pilihan raya umum, beliau berkata, pilihan raya paling sesuai diadakan pada musim cuti persekolahan kerana ia memudahkan SPR menggunakan sekolah sebagai tempat mengundi.”-berita hari ini..:P

  3. nor on 13 Feb 2008

    dah pening memeningkan org plak..

  4. crynn on 13 Feb 2008

    Dia tul mengacau daun, sah arini bubar selepas Pak Lah baru sahaja menepis khabar angin bahawa hari ini bubar (sila rujuk muka depan Utusan Malaysia 13-Feb).

  5. waniee on 15 Feb 2008

    eh, what happens if u get married on elections day?

  6. crynn on 15 Feb 2008

    Nothing much if you and your wife place is near but since my family is from Perlis and her’s from Pahang it really troublesome. My dad wouldn’t attend the event for sure (his really into politic).

  7. waniee on 15 Feb 2008

    oh!! dem i didnt think of that at all tau.. proven how my thinking hasnt matured enuff hehe..

  8. aman on 15 Feb 2008

    huhu…dia dah umum…8 aribulan baru undi…huhu..

  9. crynn on 15 Feb 2008

    Yup, semua dah selamat… Hehe

  10. Azea on 18 Feb 2008

    hahaha…knowing u were an MPP yourself once, I thought u would be frustrated not to get the chance to vote..imagine u voting with ur full wedding attire..what a sight!! hahahhahha

  11. crynn on 18 Feb 2008

    I would gladly vote anyone who can give me either a brand new iPhone or DSLR camera… XD But I might as well go on for a honeymoon on 8th of March…

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