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Our Wedding Card, It's here

Makin hari makin hampir kepada tarikh perkahwinan aku, aku seperti biasa masih lagi sibuk dengan kerja namun segalanya persiapan aku rasa telah hampir siap. Untuk pengetahuan semua peluang memberi hadiah akaun Flickr Pro untuk aku masih lagi terbuka sehingga saat ini.


11 Responses

  1. hayat on 04 Mar 2008

    congratulations… selamat dah :-)

  2. nor on 05 Mar 2008

    3hari dh blalu..love kanda..hikhik

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  4. First of all, I also want to congrats and since my wedding day got in touch, I was so busy with my work, but everything was ready and I was ready.

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