Mencari Programmer

Work work work!

Duplikasi daripada entri WTF Programmer, aku mahu resume anda.

I want your resume if you have these following caterias:

  • Have good knowledge in writing PHP and MySQL.
  • Knowledge in proper JavaScript programming is much apprieciated.
  • Understand what Web 2.0 really means.
  • Can work at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

If your have what it take, send the resume to crynobone [at] with the following Subject: I want to be a Programmer.


14 Responses

  1. Ashrufzz on 26 Feb 2008

    Kuku seorang programmer..haha

  2. crynn on 26 Feb 2008

    Woot!!!… Tak perasan.

  3. nor on 26 Feb 2008

    tue dh kira pendek le tue..:P

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