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Tema WordPress yang aku gunakan untuk laman ini kini boleh dimuat turun, sila kunjungi Twitter Journalist WordPress Theme untuk mendapatkannya.


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    Twitter is numerous things to numerous individuals. For purchasers, it’s an approach to interface with companions, fascinating individuals, and substantial brands. For presidential hopefuls, it’s an approach to make crusade guarantees or humiliate themselves. For columnists, it’s an approach to keep a heartbeat on and draw in with groups, find sources, and to give an account of the world new and remarkable ways. Twitter has risen as a capable new apparatus, alarming the world about cataclysmic events, prisoner standoffs, and even progressive uprisings.

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    Twitter is an online informal communication device in which clients post 140 character updates of what is happening in their lives alongside connections to things they believe are intriguing, entertaining, or valuable to their supporters.

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    Twitter is one of the best marketing platforms for the online business world with a large user base which could include your potential customers.

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